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    élevage vente chevaux de sport World championships qualification

    Classic Z by Armitage, descendant of our basic mare Chimère des Genêts, 5th in the Championship in Holland for 4 years in 2011, approved stallion, two clear round before the final Sunday, September 30, 2012


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    chevaux-de-sport-vivaldi-fontainebleau-2013After is sister Sibelle de la Treille in 2012, Vivaldi de la Treille is finalist in the French championship 2013

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élevage vente chevaux et poulains de sport  Chimère des Genêts

  Female, dark bay, SFA, born in 1990

  by Quidam de Revel SFA and Tête en l'Air

  Size: 1.69m

  N° sire: 90 651 146 U

  Aptitudes: CSO, CCE

  Covered this year by:

Maternal Strain

Our basic mare Chimère des GenêtsSFA come from crossroads between one of the best stallion in the world, Quidam de Revel and Tête en l'Air registered in the stud book French trotter but descending from a crossword between the phenomenon at the trot mounted Fandango and of a mare Pure Blood English Missoulette, daughter of the pure-blood WINTERHALTER, Tête en l'Air has jumped more of 2.00m in CSO in its epoch. To see the study on the great success of the crossing French saddles /French trotter : breeding sport horses and sport foals

Chimère has not been exploited in the competition and to the reproduction of the age of 4 years, it has proved to be a reproductive output of first order producing horses with the framework, of the size and a lot of force, Its products have proved to be very easy to use many of them have resulted with young jumpers to begin and evolve at the highest level as

  •        Ianouchka (CSI *** , 5th junior championship in Belgium), 
  •        Kim (5th Championship of junior France, GP CSIJ, high jumping),
  •        Nymphy (CSI*, GP 135, CSI Ladies),
  •        Sibelle (classic 4, 5 et 6 years qualified championship of France 2012),
  •        Quessy (GP 130).
  • Chimère Aged 22 years in 2012 is followed up by this same year of a superb colt by Lando, it is in a resplendent form.
    All the foals by Chimère wins in CSO at different levels corresponding to the level of their rider.
  • It daughter, Miss des Genêts by Diamant de Semilly is broodmare at breeding of la Treille, it made only a season of competition riding by an amateur rider, she is classified up to level Small Grand prix CSI*,
  •        it first foal, Ravel is very good winner in 2011  (classic 6 years A, GP proII et CSI*, ISO 135 at 6 years),
  •        his second product is vice regional champion of foals in 2010,
  •        his 3rd product is 3rd in the regional championship of foals in 2011,
  •        It is followed up in 2012 to a beautiful filly by Lando.
  • An other daughter, Ianouchka is broodmare in Belgium, (winning in CSO up to level CSI ***, 5th championship of junior Belgium), she produced
  •       Caprice, (3rd championship of Canada of the 6 years), mother of 
  •       Classic (5th of the championship of Holland of the 4 years in 2011, agreed stallion then exported in Ireland)


Quidam de Revel SFA Jalisco B SFA Almé SFA
Ibrahim DS
The Last Orange DS Orange Peel PS
Velleda DS
Vaillante DS Porte Bonheur DS
Querqueville DS
Girondine DS


Ultimate PS Umidwar PS
No Go PS
J'Vins Mars DS Cyrius DS  
Mazette DS
Tanagra SF


Furioso PS
Précipitation PS   Hurry One PS
Double Life PS
Maureen PS Son in Law PS
ST Prisca PS
Délicieuse DS


Jus de Pomme DS Orange Peel PS  
Sabine DS
Tapissiere DS Libourne DS
Patricienne DS
Dirka SF Nankin SF Fra Diavolo PS   Black Devil PS Sir Gallahad III PS
La Palina PS
Frayeur PS Blanford PS
Freia III PS
Constellation DS Plein d'Espoir DS  
Orange Peel PS
Imposante DS
Henriette DS Bourguebus DS
Diablesse DS
Ondine de Baugy SF Harphortas PS
Amfortas PS Ksar PS
Persephone PS
Harporia PS Harpocrate PS
Prinporia PS
Nadine DS Issu d'Amblie DS Bois de Clessy DS
Tourte DS
Irlandaise DS Serieux DS
Ratiere SF
Tête en l'Air TF


Lotus du Trêfle TF
Canino TF
Patara TF Gutemberg A TF 
Quel Veinard TF
Moscovie TF
Francette TF Prince Rose TF 
Valses de France TF
Perle Fine IV TF Ciroco B TF Janus TF
Ritournelle M TF
Infante Williams TF Prim Williams TF 
Diane III TF
Tanick B TF
Jussieu TF
Quiroga II TF Calumet Delco TF
Femina III TF
Afra TF Hernani III TF
Jonquille TF
Herminette III TF


Palavas TF Trianon TF
Francillon TF
Surprise TF Jean Sans Peur TF
Délicatesse TF


Luth Granchamp TF
Ogaden TF


The Great Mc Kinney TE Arion Mc Kinney TE
Virginia d'Angler TE
Uranie TF Intermede TF
Pastourelle TF
Vestale de Grandchamp TF


Net Worth TF Mac Gregor The Gre TE
Hester Worthy TF
Naive étoile TF
Salam TF         
Couture TF         
Tutela TF


Meral II TF
Nubie TF
Fandango TF         
Loudéac TF         
Tombelaine TF         
Missoulette PS         
Winterhalter PS         


 Products of Chimère des Genêts
Father Year Performances
  Hipocrate du Genêt

élevage vente chevaux de sport la treille

 Narcos II
1995 Finalist championship of France in 4 and 5 years

Ianouchka des Genêts

 élevage vente chevaux de sport la treille

Le Tot de Semilly 1996

Finalist classical cycle 4 years then exported in Belgium, very good winning up to level CSI ***, 5th championship of junior Belgium, broodmare, a daughter 3rd of the championship of the 6 years of Canada, her the same mother of a male 5th of the championship of Holland of the 4 years in 2011, agreed stallion and exported in Ireland.

  Jedhai des Genêts

élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

Natif de Corday 1997 15 without errors in 5 years classical then exported.

Kim des Genêts

 élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

Paladin des Ifs 1998

5éme championship of junior France, numerous classifications in GP pro I and II, winner GP CSIJ, classified in high jumping.

Lhassa des Genêts

élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

Narcos II 1999 Rugged, it is very little output, winner in 4 and 5 years classic, broodmare in 2012.

Miss des Genêts

élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

Diamant de Semilly 2000

Covered at the age of 4 years, she has only a season of competition, classified GP pro II and PGP CSI * and then upgrade to the reproduction, a colt in age to compete, ISO 135 to 6 years in 2011 .

Nymphy des Genêts

 élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

Diamant de Semilly 2001

Having little exploited until year 2011 or it accomplishes a very good season mounted by a younger horsewoman, she totals 18 classifications up to level 130 in CSI amateurs, 7 classifications at level GP CSI* riding by a junior horsewoman 1st year in 2012.

Quessy de la Treille

élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

Fétiche du Pas 2004

 a dozen classifications in 2011 riding by a younger horsewoman up to level GP 120,

Sibelle de la Treille

 élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

Jazz Band Courcelle 2006  17 classifications on 30 towers in classic 4 and 5 years, 9 classifications on 12 towers in 6 years this year, qualified for the championships of France 2012.

Thalys de la Treille

 élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

Kiwi du Fraigneau 2007  4 rankings on 6 laps in 4 years classic 2011, 4 rankings on 7 laps in 5 years in classic 2012 .

Ulrich de la Treille

élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

L'Amour du Bois 2008 3rd models and style of Le Mans with a note of 7.31 at 3 years, 8 rankings on 10 laps in 4 years classic in 2012.

Vivaldi de la Treille

élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

Lux Z 2009

 Vivaldi shows splendid paces and a lot of means on obstacle in freedom, 4th of the competition of the 3 years males in 2012.

Bach de la Treille

élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille

Sunshine du Thot 2011 Noted 7.45 in the regional of foals in 2011

Caruso de la Treille

élevage vente chevaux de sport La Treille


Lando 2012 Very nice colt, big size, a lot of chic.